Friday, May 9, 2008


WOAH too overwhelming. It was absolutely crazy last night. The most animation I have ever seen in one sitting. It made my stomach churn and gave me a headache as soon as I began to walk away as if I was going through withdrawls. The films were really great - even the unfinished ones worked and were entertaining. A few that stood out to me were Params - with those awesome backgrounds, watercolored, absolutely beautiful. Frank Tingue's had a really great opening with page turns and voice overs. It worked very well. Kat's Sea Witch was amazing - enough said, same with Louis's. Shivers down the spine. It was a really really great night! I hope to see more films from everybody in the future. Also the animation department took over DALLAS BBQ afterwards - at least 30 of us hootin, hollerin, and enjoying BBQ.
AMIGO UNITS site has been launched only as of yesterday. To check it out go to ENJOI